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  Отзыв от Tatiana A Schaumann

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Отзыв от Tatiana A Schaumann
Tatiana A Schaumann
17.01.2019 16:10:10
I was suffering from debilitating pain in my right hip for the period of 18 month. I was prescribed different kinds of pain killers, acupuncture, massage, adjustments, cortizon shots with no success whatsoever. On December 28, I had an emergency visit to the Institution and had a surgical procedure done by Dr.Нурмухаметов Ренат Мадехатович. Great relief and joy. I can live again. Thank you Dr. Нурмухаметов Ренат Мадехатович.Come and visit me in California, It will be my turn to take care of you! Thank you from all my heart.
Dr Tatiana Schaumann ( ret.)